Welcome to One Dollar Content Store

As you can see we are not yet open, but please allow us to tell you a bit about what the site will be. This is a site for people who either just created a blog/site or those looking to add just a bit more content.

There have actually been some studies about how often one needs to blog in order to keep fresh eyes visiting and build a following. Anyone looking to make money from selling advertising from Google or anybody else needs to have lots of eyeballs. One report had an interesting statistic about the impact the total number of posts has on building traffic. While they claim you need at least 400 posts to start seeing a benefit, our own personal experience is the benefit is difficult to notice until you reach closer to 500.

Content type and frequency seem to play a role in how often major search engines index your site. Given that reality as well as the amount of time it takes to write 500 posts yourself we came up with the idea for this site. Yes, there are sites promising to write you custom SEO content blah blah blah for sometimes hundreds of dollars per article, but if you wanted to spend that kind of money you would not have stopped here.


You will not be able to modify the content. Just cut and paste it into your site, complete with author bio. It's the only recognition they get.

Who are we? Authors who have published multiple titles. Some of us have been writing for decades. The exact makeup of the group is not set in stone, but, we hope to provide some search capability so you can look for additional articles by an author you like.

Why would I want content which will not be unique to my site?

Good question. Ever try to count just how many blogs and Web sites there are on the Internet? They are like grains of sand on the beach. New ones popping up and old ones going away. Most people get a small handful of favorite/necessary sites they visit regularly then only go to a new site for a one time visit as a result of a search. Admit it, you are probably like that yourself. The more content you have with links to other places as well as the frequency of new content helps get your site indexed more often and in theory a higher search engine ranking or so the Internet lore goes. One thing is certain, if you don't get indexed most people won't find you. Perhaps your blog posts are the best written most interesting posts the world has ever seen, but if you don't get indexed, you won't get seen and they won't get read. Ask yourself one question. When you search for something and click a link to land on a site which has one and only one post, just how much time do you spend on that site.

How you choose to schedule the posts is up to you. Yes, for those who do not know, you can schedule posts in WordPress. Some of you will choose to purchase 365 posts then schedule a new post every day. Some of you may even purchase the entire database loading a few hundred up initially then scheduling the rest. How you chose to schedule them is up to you. You are not allowed to modify the content though.

We are authors. We write a lot of stuff. Not all of it is long enough for a novel but most of it is interesting to people other than ourselves. We've been writing and blogging for years, and in some cases decades. You need content for your site and we created this site to provide that content. Each article has a bio at the end with a link to one or more of the author's book sites. Unlike much/most/possibly all of the SEO service content, your articles will at least have that much credibility.

You have all heard the phrase Syndicated Columnist where a writer regularly writes one article which appears in multiple newspapers and/or magazines. This is a bit like that. The difference is there was not a massive upfront fee and we will not be regularly forcing content out. From what we understand about most of those arrangements is the buyer pays for it whether they run it or not and the writer has to crank something out one or more times per week. We are authors. We write stuff for here when taking a break from writing one of the books we are working on. We used to toss most of this stuff away or put it on our own blogs. In truth, some of what you find in the database will be a version of something on one of our own sites, or an excerpt from one of our books. Other articles will simply be one-offs. It was stuck in our head so we wrote it down to get it out of the way. Instead of just throwing that into a directory with everything else that is not part of our current book, where it will most likely be forgotten and go unused, we offer it here for syndication.

This site will focus on evergreen content. There are two types of content on the Internet, evergreen and soon forgotten. Yes, some soon forgotten content goes viral for a while, but it is later forgotten. Sure, you may remember that video of some skateboarding kid face planting on concrete while attempting an act of sheer stupidity, but, honestly, a year from now are you going to bother to go back and look at it? More importantly, do you really think anyone will happen to be searching for it a year from now. Thought provoking articles on enduring subjects, certain funny stories along with book/movie reviews written by people who actually read/watched them, this is evergreen content. Ten years from now that book or movie will still be available in a library and other places. How many times have you walked into a chain store and found dozens, if not hundreds of titles in the $5 or less bin that you never heard of? People search for that content. It does not perish just because the title went "out of print."

Yes, you will find many sites advising you to stock up on "how to" articles. While these are a big draw, very few of them are evergreen. Just how many people do you believe are still searching for a "how to" article which tells them how to format an MFM hard drive under DOS? If you have no idea what MFM or DOS is, I just proved my point. Some "how to" articles such as "how to make applesauce" are evergreen until we no longer have apples. There are also just about as many applesauce recipes as there are people on the planet. Same goes for other forms of fruit preserves, jellies and jams. The really popular "how to" articles tend to be the ones which have the shortest life. Lots of people searching for "how to" articles on the latest Apple (insert brand here) phone but just how many do you think are searching for "how to" articles for the first generation of that phone. Yes, you can probably generate yourself a lot of traffic writing such articles, but it is not what we will be writing.

We'd love to hear from you while we work on this site, just send mail.